History of Mario

Mario is now a video game character known and recognized worldwide. To discover the fascinating history of this extraordinary plumber, we will reconstruct its history.

Character creation.

The character Mario was created in 1981 under the pen strokes of the Japanese Shigeru Miyamoto. First known as \x26quot;Jumpman\x26quot;, he made his first appearance in the \x26quot;Donkey Kong\x26quot; game from Nintendo, as qu\x26#39;héros, whose mission is to save his girlfriend Pauline. It is also found in \x26quot;Donkey Kong Jr.\x26quot;, released in 1982. Plumber will later renamed \x26quot;Mario\x26quot; in honor of the owner of the premises first Nintendo in the United States, Mario Segali, especially for its resemblance with the character.

Mario is a character characterized by his mustache, his red cap and blue overalls.

Thus begins the extraordinary story of Mario.

Mario games.

After the first successful games \x26quot;Donkey Kong\x26quot; and \x26quot;Donkey Kong Jr.\x26quot; Nintendo launches in 1983 the game \x26quot;Mario Bros.. \x26quot;In which Luigi, the younger brother of Mario, made its appearance. This is a game that is played on the Nintendo Entertainment System console (NES), which can play both. Mario and Luigi must rid the pipes of various creepy creatures.

In 1985 is released the new edition of the game Mario entitled \x26quot;Super Mario Bros.. \x26quot;In which Mario has new abilities such as jumping on enemies ... The game encounters a phenomenal success in the West (Europe and USA), the first game of Nintendo, NES, to be distributed in the West. In this game, Mario reinvents and redefines the adventure game genre and platform.

The suites of the game \x26quot;Super Mario Bros.. \x26quot;\x26quot; Super Mario Bros.. 2 \x26quot;and\x26quot; Super Mario Bros.. 3 \x26quot;, came out in 1986 and 1988.

New characters were introduced, such as Princess Peach is the new girlfriend of Mario, Toad who is serving Peach and Browser is the sworn enemy of Mario and who will be pleased to remove malignant Peach . It is around this that forms the many adventures of Mario.

In 1989, the game \x26quot;Super Mario Land\x26quot; is launched on the Game Boy, Nintendo\x26#39;s new console which is then the best selling console in the world. This is the first title in which Princess Daisy, Princess Peach\x26#39;s girlfriend, appeared.

In 1990, in the \x26quot;Super Mario World\x26quot; console game Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) is seen for the first time an adorable dinosaur named Yoshi, who will become the inseparable companion of Mario.

Been racing games Mario Kart? It was in 1992 that released the first racing game \x26quot;Super Mario Kart\x26quot;. It is considered one of the most entertaining games of all time race!

Adventure Mario a milestone in 1996 with the advent of 3D! Players will discover Mario from different angles with the game \x26quot;Super Mario 64\x26quot; released on the Nintendo 64 (N64) console.\r\x3cbr\x3eThe game \x26quot;Super Smash Bros. \x26quot;Released in 1999 is a new concept of Mario games. This time Mario and other Nintendo characters will compete in multiple battles so the win with weapons as farfetched as each other (hammers, Pokeballs ..). The same goes for the game \x26quot;Mario Tennis\x26quot; released in 2000 on N64, where we find a tennis game full of action and humor.

In 2002 is released the new Nintendo console, the Nintendo GameCube. You can see the brother of Mario, Luigi, making his debut as the lead character in \x26quot;Luigi\x26#39;s Mansion\x26quot;. The first Mario game to be released for the Nintendo GameCube is \x26quot;Super Mario Sunshine\x26quot;, where he is falsely accused of having tagged a paradise island.

Many Mario games have come out in the meantime, but the racing game \x26quot;Mario Kart DS\x26quot;, released in 2005 on the new Nintendo DS console has sold over 16 million copies. This game offers a first use of the Wi-Fi

And as you probably know, Nintendo had a real climax with the release of its new Nintendo Wii console in 2007. Mario games released on the console all the rage as each other, especially with \x26quot;Mario Kart Wii\x26quot; ( 2008), \x26quot;New Super Mario Bros.. Wii \x26quot;(2009) ...

Thus continues the incredible success of its flagship Nintendo icon Mario!.